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  • Aluminum Products for Auto Industry

  • As aluminum products, including hot or cold rolled aluminum coils, heavy gauge coils, and aluminum tread plates, aluminum sheets, and alloy wires, have a smaller density, a high corrosion resistance, and a high plasticity, they are extremely well suited for casting, rolling, stamping and other processes, making aluminum a popular material for manufacturing automobile parts.

    Features of Aluminum Alloy Products
    1. Cast aluminum alloy has a good plasticity and is easy to process.
    2. Aluminum alloy is light weight and has a high thermal conductivity. Because of that, aluminum alloy auto parts are more advantageous in terms of production cost and quality.
    3. Aluminum alloy is commonly used in the production of pistons, radiators, oil pan flanges, crank cases and cylinder covers, among others. As R&D of aluminum alloy application and related technologies develops more in the future, this alloy will most likely become more commonly used in manufacturing auto parts.

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  • Aluminum Products for Construction Industry

  • Aluminum alloy is a green structural and decorative material commonly used in the construction industry. It is low carbon, environmentally friendly and a recyclable material.

    1. Aluminum alloy products such as embossed alloy coils and textured tread plates have a smaller density and higher mechanical strength, making it easy to shape them into different shapes and high precision structural parts.
    2. It is easy to transfer and install. With different surface treatments available, our aluminum products are corrosion resistant, water proof, aesthetically pleasing and recyclable.

    Our Advantages
    Summary Resources is a reliable global aluminum product suppler. Our hot/cold rolled sheets, aluminum circles, alloy plates, copper-coated aluminum wires and rods have been widely used in construction projects. With their reliable quality, reasonable prices and thorough services, they are excellent choices for customers.

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  • Aluminum Products for Packing Industry

  • Aluminum foils, hot rolled coils and cold rolled coils are moisture and corrosion resistant, air-tight, light-proof, odorless and non-toxic. They are commonly used in the production of packaging materials for food, beverages, cigarettes, medicines, photographic plates and daily use products.

    When the coil is laminated with either plastic or paper, a high performance composite material is formed and combined with other features, including air tightness, strength and heat sealability. The resultant laminated material is ideal for producing packaging materials as it is resistant to moisture, UV rays, bacteria and is air tight. Because of those features,aluminum alloy foils are widely applicable in the packaging industry,

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  • Aluminum Products for Electronic Industry

  • Electronics are increasingly being manufactured to be thin and light weight. Because of that, higher requirements for heat radiation functions, electromagnetic interface (EMI) resistance and waste recycle are increasing. Due to that, aluminum alloys have become a preferred choice in materials for electronic products.

    Features of Aluminum Products
    1. Aluminum alloy products that have been exposed to air have a transparent oxide film as a protective film. Applying a surface treatment of photo oxidation, the aluminum product's corrosion resistance increases.
    2. Aluminum alloy, such as aluminum foils for capacitors and transformers, have a smaller density and a higher electrical and thermal conductivity. This makes it suitable for extruding processes and favored by electronic product manufacturers.
    3. The most basic electronic element is an aluminum electrolysis capacitor, which is widely used in electronic information and electronic products.

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