1. Hot Rolled Coil

      Aluminum alloy is among the most commonly used aluminum alloys and contains 3-5% magnesium, a major element in the alloy. It is also referred to as an aluminum magnesium alloy.

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    1. Cold Rolled Coil

      3003 aluminum coil and 3A21 aluminum coil are typical products made from the 3-series metal alloy coil. This series of aluminum contains 1-1.5% manganese and is rust resistant.

    1. Aluminum Trim Coil

      Coating finish: PVDF, polyester, acrylic
      Total coating thickness: a) PVDF coating: more than 25 micron; b) Polyester coating: more than 18 micron

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    1. Embossed Aluminum Coil

      Coil's standard diameter: 1200mm, Interior diameter: 150mm, 405mm or 505mm
      Weight: 2.5T/coil - 9.0 T/coil
      Coating finish: PVDF, POLYESTER, paint finishes

    1. Hot Rolled Sheet

      Hot rolled aluminum sheets, represented by aluminum alloy 6061 sheets, contains a larger amount of magnesium and silicone than other sheets. It features a high corrosion resistance.

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    1. Cold Rolled Sheet

      1-series cold rolled sheet has a high dimensional precision and excellent properties, including a deep drawability and electromagnetic properties. The last two numbers of the series number indicates the minimum content of aluminum within the alloy.

    1. Aluminum Tread Plate

      Tread bar height: 0.8-1.5mm
      Surface treatment: Mill Finish, Polished, or Anodized
      Standard: ASTM International Standards or EN Standard
      Package: wooden pallet (shipping standard)

    1. Aluminum Circle

      Aluminum circles made from the 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8-series aluminum alloys. These aluminum discs are available from 0.02 to 50mm thick and 10 to 1,000mm in diameter.
      Thickness (mm): 0.4-6.0

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    1. Aluminum Foil (for Capacitor)

      Aluminum foil is used in paper capacitors as it is among the least expensive electrical conductors for that application. It is also used in electrolytic capacitors.

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    1. Aluminum Foil (for Transformer)

      Transformer that uses LV and HV aluminum windings, aluminum foil is a common component. Windings that use foil are exposed to less electrical stress than other windings that result in higher AC and impulse voltages.

    1. Aluminum Foil (for Medicine Packet)

      PTP aluminum foil, which is made from aluminum that is up to 99% purity, and is light and air proof, moisture resistant, and features a high conductivity and printability.

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    1. Aluminum Foil (for Household)

      Aluminum foils that are non-toxic and odorless, our alloy foil products have passed FDA certifications and are popular among customers due to its safety and excellent preservation of food. They are used in cooking, refrigeration, packaging and more.

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    1. Aluminum Foil (for Cable)

      Aluminum foil is highly air-tight, light-proof and moisture resistant. This aluminum foil has been used to make cable covers in the telecommunication industry. As it is magnetism-insulated, the cover can provide long term protections for cables.

    1. Welding Wire

      Aluminum alloy wires and welding rods, including pure aluminum wires, aluminum magnesium wires, aluminum silicone alloy wires and aluminum manganese alloy wires. Each of these metal wire options is brightly colored, and a high corrosion resistance.

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    1. Alloy Wire

      Aluminum wire features a bright surface
      It has higher technical specifications than those set forth by industrial standards.
      Wires with a diameter greater than 1.17mm can be used for copper busbars electroplate busbars and more.

    1. Pure Aluminum Wire

      Metal wire features excellent conductivity and a certain mechanical strength to meet IEC and ASTM international standards. They are widely used in wire and cable industries.

    1. Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

      Copper clad aluminum wire, also referred to as CCAW, or CCA is composed of an aluminum core and outer copper coating. It can be used as a conductor for coaxial cables and various electrical equipment wires, such as a household stereo system.

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