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Aluminum Wire

    1. Welding Wire

      Aluminum alloy wires and welding rods, including pure aluminum wires, aluminum magnesium wires, aluminum silicone alloy wires and aluminum manganese alloy wires. Each of these metal wire options is brightly colored, and a high corrosion resistance.

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    1. Alloy Wire

      Aluminum wire features a bright surface
      It has higher technical specifications than those set forth by industrial standards.
      Wires with a diameter greater than 1.17mm can be used for copper busbars electroplate busbars and more.

    1. Pure Aluminum Wire

      Metal wire features excellent conductivity and a certain mechanical strength to meet IEC and ASTM international standards. They are widely used in wire and cable industries.

    1. Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

      Copper clad aluminum wire, also referred to as CCAW, or CCA is composed of an aluminum core and outer copper coating. It can be used as a conductor for coaxial cables and various electrical equipment wires, such as a household stereo system.

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Aluminum wiring is commonly used in houses, power grids, and airplanes, as aluminum has a better conductivity to weight ratio than copper does, which is why aircraft engineers favor it more. Utility companies have used aluminum wire for electrical transmissions for over 100 years due to the cost and weight advantages over copper, and is still a commonly used today.

Among our variety of aluminum products, our aluminum wire has been favored due to it quality levels and has been exported around the world. With 10 years as an aluminum products manufacturer, we can provide custom industrial aluminum wires for electrical equipment or deoxidization of the steel industry.

Available Types
We currently provide four types of aluminum wires: welding wire, alloy wire,pure aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum wire, each of which is designed for different purposes.

Technical Parameters
Temper Diameter(mm) Tensile Strength(N/mm2) Elongation(min)% Resistivity,Ω.mm2/m, max
min max
O 0.30-1.00 / 98 15 0.027 59
1.01-10.00 / 98 20
H4 0.30-6.00 95 125 / 0.028 264
H6 0.30-6.00 125 165 /
6.01-10.00 125 165 3
H8 0.30-5.00 160 205 /
H9 ≤1.25 200 / /
1.26-1.50 195
1.51-1.75 190
1.76-2.00 185
2.01-2.25 180
2.26-2.50 175
2.51-3.00 170
3.01-3.50 165
3.51-5.00 160