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Pure Aluminum Wire

As a professional aluminum product manufacturer, Summary Resource supplies pure aluminum wire that features a great roundness, smooth and bright surfaces as well as uniform sizes. Available in two primary types, this metal wire features excellent conductivity and a certain mechanical strength to meet IEC and ASTM international standards. They are widely used in wire and cable industries.

Our Advantages
To ensure the quality of our aluminum wire rods, we use an advanced production line consisting of continuous casting and rolling equipment from the Italian company CONTINUUS-PROPERZI, a 4-ton melting holding furnace (supplied from a Chinese company), online degassing and filtering equipment, all of which are controlled with an automated system.

Technical Parameters
Temper Specified Diameter (mm) Tensile Strength Resistivity, Ω.mm2/m, max Equivalent Volume
% IACS, min
Ksi MPa
1350-O 9.52-25.40 8.5-14.0 59-97 0.027899 61.8
1350-H12 /H16 /H22 12.0-17.0 83-117 0.028035 61.5
1350-H14/H24/H26 15.0-20.0 103-138 0.028080 61.4
1370-H14/16/H22/H24 10.0-14.0 120-140 0.028010 61.55
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