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Aluminum Foil

    1. Aluminum Foil (for Capacitor)

      Aluminum foil is used in paper capacitors as it is among the least expensive electrical conductors for that application. It is also used in electrolytic capacitors.

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    1. Aluminum Foil (for Transformer)

      Transformer that uses LV and HV aluminum windings, aluminum foil is a common component. Windings that use foil are exposed to less electrical stress than other windings that result in higher AC and impulse voltages.

    1. Aluminum Foil (for Household)

      Aluminum foils that are non-toxic and odorless, our alloy foil products have passed FDA certifications and are popular among customers due to its safety and excellent preservation of food. They are used in cooking, refrigeration, packaging and more.

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    1. Aluminum Foil (for Cable)

      Aluminum foil is highly air-tight, light-proof and moisture resistant. This aluminum foil has been used to make cable covers in the telecommunication industry. As it is magnetism-insulated, the cover can provide long term protections for cables.

Aluminum foil is aluminum manufactured into thin metal leaves that is pliable and can be readily bent, wrapped or otherwise shaped around objects. Thin foils are fragile and often laminated to other materials such as plastic or paper to make them more useful. Aluminum foil become more commonly used than tin foil around the mid-20th century.

Along with our other aluminum products, we supply high precision, ultra-thin aluminum foil as well. Made with leading equipment from Japan, Germany and the UK, we can provide the foil in a thickness range of 0.006-0.05mm. This foil can be used for packaging and producing capacitors, transformers, cables, medicine packets and more. Each year, we produce more than 50,000 tons of light gauge foils and aluminum alloy foils.