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Aluminum Foil (for Cable)

As we know, aluminum foil is highly air-tight, light-proof and moisture resistant. When coated or filmed on one side or both sides, it will become a type of metal-plastic composite foil that is perfect for the production of cable covers. The cover is required to be with no holes and little oil, of certain mechanical strength.

Production Process
Ingot + Master Alloy → Melting → Holding Furnace → Continuous Casting → Cold Rolling(Mediate Annealing) → Annealing → Foil Rough Rolling → Foil Intermediate Mill → Doubler → Foil Finish Rolling Separation → Annealing → Thin Gauge Plain Foil →Cable Aluminum Alloy Foil

We use a 1650 high-speed universal aluminum foil mill production line to manufacture quality aluminum foils. Thickness tester, automated control system together with the special corollary equipment, such as the automatically controlled winding machine and CNC grinding machine, are also adopted in the production. These advanced equipment as well as our rich experience ensures the high quality of our thin aluminum foils.

This aluminum foil has been used to make cable covers in the telecommunication industry. As it is magnetism-insulated, the cover can provide long term protections for cables.

Technical Parameters
Aluminum Foil Aluminum foil for cable wrap
Thickness(mm) 0.007-0.015
Width(mm) 300-1000
Alloy 1235, 8011
Temper 0
Core ID(mm) 75/76.2
Core OD(mm) 350/400
Standard GB3198
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