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Aluminum Foil (for Household)

Aluminum foil is also commonly used in households for keeping food fresh, cooking and other uses. Made from ultra-thin aluminum foils that are non-toxic and odorless, our alloy foil products have passed FDA certifications and are popular among customers due to its safety and excellent preservation of food. They are used in cooking, refrigeration, packaging and more. Specifications including length, width and thickness can be customized, as can colors and surface treatments, such as coating, embossing, and waxing.

Our Advantages
1. Reasonable Price and Great Quality: We use advanced technology and our extensive knowledge to control product cost and provide aluminum foils at reasonable, competitive and conducive pricing.
2. Short Lead Time: All parts of the production process from inserting and soldering to assembly and final delivery are carried out under a strict workflow system, effectively cutting the lead time down.
3. 24 hour online service: Our sales team can provide 24 hour service via internet to work and reply to your inquires related to our aluminum products. Our professional after-sales service staff can also help solve all product related problems.

Technical Parameters of Aluminum Foil
Product Household foil
Specification Thickness (mm) : 0.008-0.025mm
Max Width (mm) : 1600
Alloy 1235,8011,8006
Temper O
ID mm Φ76,150, Φ152.4
Max O.D.mm 800
Standard GB3198
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