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Aluminum Foil (for Medicine Packet)

Along with industrial uses, aluminum foil is used in common household items such as medicine packets. Displayed here is the PTP aluminum foil, which is made from aluminum that is up to 99% purity, and is light and air proof, moisture resistant, odorless, non-toxic, recyclable and features a high conductivity and printability. Each of those aspects combines to provide a longer shelf life for medicine. Our blister aluminum foil is light weight and features a specific mechanical strength, making it suitable for medicinal blister packaging. Because of this, numerous pharmaceutical companies use this packaging for their medicine and related products.

This aluminum alloy foil is used for packaging granules tablets, and capsules of pharmaceutical powders, among other medical packaging uses.

Available Treatment
Coating: single hot sealing glue coating or double coating, heat sealing side, side printing adhesive coating
Printing: Silvery white coating with no printing, or customized as per customer request

Technical Parameters
blister foil (cold forming)
cold forming, heavy gauge blister foil, to be used for high standard package;
alloy: 8021
temper: o
surface finishing: one side bright, one side matte
blister foil (ptp)

to be lacquered, used for PTP packaging;
alloy: 8011
temper: o
surface finishing: one side bright, one side matte
Product Medicinal/Pharmaceutical aluminum foil
Specification Thickness (mm): 0.02-0.03mm
Max Width (mm): 1100
Alloy 8011;1235;8021
Temper H18, O
I D mm Φ76 & 152
Max O.D. mm 800
Packing Wooden case
Standard GB3198
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