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Aluminum Foil (for Capacitor)

Aluminum foil is used in paper capacitors as it is among the least expensive electrical conductors for that application. It is also used in electrolytic capacitors, again, due to its low cost, but also due to the fact that its oxide coating is one of the most practical dielectric for the application. Capacitor foils are made from high purity aluminum (generally up to 99.99% or more) and other purities that are dependent on the electrical conductivity, thickness and quality of the oxide levels required for specific applications.

Our aluminum foil is designed for capacitors as capacitors are a polarized component that require corrosion resistant materials in production. We provide three primary types of aluminum foils:

Cathode foil: 0.015 to 0.06 mm in thickness;
High pressure foil: 0.065 to 0.1 mm in thickness, manufactured to the same requirements of high purity aluminum foil production
Low voltage foil: thickness of 0.06 mm to 0.1mm.

Light gauge foils and medium gauge foils of special specifications are also available upon customer request. Aluminum foil rolls, aluminum foil sheets, one-sided aluminum foil and double-sided aluminum foil can be found here.

Aluminum foil is among the best raw materials for power and electrical capacitors. Aluminum foil capacitors are widely used in electrical equipment, communication and entertainment equipment, office equipment, home appliances and more, including street lamps and power transmission equipment.

Technical Parameters
Aluminum Foil Aluminum Foil for Capacitor
Thickness(mm) 0.005-0.1
Width(mm) 5-500
Alloy 1235, 1100, 3003
Temper 0, H18
Core ID(mm) 75/76.2
Core OD(mm) 160/350
Standard GB/T3615
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