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Embossed Aluminum Coils

Displayed here are our embossed aluminum coils. Designed with a pebble like surface, they can be used in a variety of applications, including trailer wall decoration, locker rooms, public restrooms, airports, hospitals, commercial kitchens and more. With the support of our talented engineers and advanced equipment, we can provide customized embossed aluminum coils upon request.

Available Variations
Our embossed aluminum coils come in five textured aluminum sheets and diamond sheets, as well as mirror finished aluminum coils and polished finish coils. Each are made from premium alloys, including 1050, 3003, 3105, 5052, 5754, 5083, 6061 and more. Heat treatments for each include O, H22, H112, H111, H114, and T6.

Technical Specifications of Embossed Aluminum Coil
1) Alloy: A1100 A8011
2) Aluminum thickness: 0.02mm~0.80 mm
3) Aluminum max width:1600mm
    Standard width: 1240mm,
    Special width: 1300mm, 1520mm, 1570mm, 1595mm
4) Coil's standard diameter: 1200mm, Interior diameter: 150mm, 405mm or 505mm
5) Weight: 2.5T/coil - 9.0 T/coil
6) Coating finish: PVDF, POLYESTER, paint finishes
7) Gloss: upon customers' requirement
8) Total coating thickness
     PVDF coating: more than 25 micron
     Polyester coating: more than 15 micron
9) Coating hardness (pencil hardness) more than 2H
10) Coating adhesive: no lower than first grade
11) Impact resistance: No cracking and peeling (50kg/cm ,ASTMD-2794:1993)
12) Flexibility (T-bend): 2T
13) MEK resistance: more than 100
14) Bottom side aluminum sheet is coated with protective polyester material with thickness more than 6 micron
15) Outer packing: wooden plate(export standard).

1) Thickness: 1.2-8.0mm
2) Width: 200-2100mm
3) Length: 400-8000mm
4) Surface treatment: mirror finish, polished or anodized
5) Standards: ASTM International Standards and EN Standards

Our coated aluminum coils have been widely used in the production of billboards, signboards, curtain walls, kitchen sinks, lamp brackets, fan blades, electronic product parts, table ware, license boards and more.

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