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Aluminum Cold Rolled Coil

Displayed on this page are our cold rolled coils, available in three major series: 1-series, 3-series and 8-series.

1-Series Aluminum Coil
The 1-series aluminum coils are among the most commonly used pure aluminum products.

High Purity
The 1060, 1070, 1050, 1100, and 1235 aluminum coils are among the best aluminum coils as they use up to 99% of pure aluminum in their structure. The last two numbers of the series number indicate the minimum purity of aluminum. Using 1050 aluminum as an example, the "50" means that this aluminum has a minimum purity of 99.5% (according to GB/T3880-2006)

Cold rolled coils made from this series of aluminum plates are mainly used in applications requiring a high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and plasticity, but no parts, such as chemic machinery, marine equipment, railway tanks cars, conductive materials, electrode materials, instruments and more.

3-Series Aluminum Coils
The 3003 aluminum coil and 3A21 aluminum coil are typical products made from the 3-series metal alloy coil. This series of aluminum contains 1-1.5% manganese and is rust resistant.

This aluminum coil is mainly used in the manufacturing of air conditioners, refrigerators, and other home appliances.

8-Series Aluminum Coils
8011 belongs to this series. 8xxx series cold rolled coil is commonly used for the manufacturing of radiators and aluminum foil. This collection of aluminum coil is widely used in industries such as construction, decoration, hardware, electrical appliance, manufacturing, automobile and more for the production of electronic capacitors, rice cookers, refrigerators, computer casing, telecommunication equipment, lamp shades, air conditioners, cosmetic covers and boxes, air conditioner radiators, inner container of disinfection cabinets, ceiling boards, as well as mobile phone motherboards, cover boards and top boards.

The 8-series cold rolled coil can be used for cell phone battery shells, embossed plates, cabinets, pressure containers, cans, lamp brackets and more.

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